Whale Beach

Big sister to it’s smaller southern neighbour Avalon beach, Whale Beach has been a favourite among surfers for years. Both pretty and peaceful, Whale Beach is a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by. Driving here might be a good option if you have surf boards with you, but parking can get expensive and traffic can make the trip from the CBD very long, so the bus is a good alternative. Famous for its surf breaks, the northern end is known as “The Wedge” and is a […]

Warriewood Beach

South of Mona Vale Beach in Sydney’s north, lies Warriewood Beach. This small beach is one of the lesser known of Sydney’s northern beaches, but is arguably one of the most picturesque. Just 500m in length, the beach is protected by headlands with dramatic cliffs on either side. With a small carpark nearby, driving here is easy but it can get busy on weekends, so if you’re coming from Sydney city then the bus is a good option. Warriewood beach is a pretty spot for a picnic, and has free […]

Tamarama Beach

Just a short walk from Sydney’s famous Bondi beach, Tamarama beach is a beautiful stretch of shoreline nestled between two prominent headlands. Sometimes referred to as “Glamarama” due to the glamourous crowd it attracts, Tamarama beach is a lovely alternative to Bondi for those who prefer a slightly quieter space. Easily accessible by public transport, you can get a bus directly to Tamarama from Bondi Junction, or simply walk along the coastal track from Bondi beach. Both of these options are preferable to driving, as parking can be difficult at […]

Shelly Beach

Perhaps one of the smaller beaches in Sydney, Shelly Beach is also one of the most lovely. Tucked away just around the corner from the well-renowned Manly Beach, “Shelly” is a peaceful and home to always calm waters making it the perfect place for young children or those not wanting to make a splash in the waves. Shelly Beach, as it’s name suggests, is made of shells ground down into coarse sand, but you can still find plenty of whole shells here too – a great place for sand castle […]

Palm Beach

Perhaps the most famous of Sydney’s northern , Palm Beach is a stunning tree-lined beach that extends for over 2 kilometers and is Sydney’s most northern seaside point. Made famous by local TV show “Home and Away”, Palm Beach is no stranger to tourists. But being 90 minutes from the Sydney CBD, it is still much quieter than the likes of Bondi. Driving here might be convenient if you have sur boards or if you plan to stay for a few days, traffic can make the trip from the CBD […]

Newport Beach

One of the longer beaches in Sydney’s north, Newport Beach is double the length of some of it’s smaller neighbours and a very popular spot for good reason. With conditions making it suitable for many different water sports, Newport beach is a hub of activity in the warm weather. And just 40 minutes from Sydney by car, and also easily accessible by bus, it is no wonder this beach is popular. Stretching for over 1.3 kilometers, Newport beach is very family friendly and gives visitors access to a multitude of […]

Narrabeen Beach

One of Sydney’s most iconic surf beaches, Narrabeen beach is a must visit if you are a surfer. Lying just a short walk north of the quieter Collaroy beach, and with a carpark towards the north end, Narrabeen is easily accessible by car. However there are bus stops nearby also, so getting the bus from Sydney city is also a great option if want to avoid traffic hassles. For surfing, Narrabeen beach offers strong breaks suited to experienced surfers. Indeed, a number of surf champions have honed their skills here, […]

Mona Vale Beach

Just north of Warriewood Beach lies beautiful Mona Vale Beach. Effectively two beaches, Mona Vale beach stretches for over 1 kilometer and offers something for everyone. With beautiful walking tracks nearby, spectacular views from the cliffs, as well as good surf and nice spots for swimming you are bound to find what you want here. Located 30 kilometers north of Sydney city, Mona Vale is easily accessible by car, and has unlimited free parking at the south end. It is also well serviced by bus if you want to avoid […]

Maroubra Beach

The longest beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Maroubra beach is a favourite among locals. Great for both surfing and swimming, and less touristy than it’s northern neighbours Bondi and Coogee, Maroubra beach is a family friendly place where you can enjoy some space and spend a beautiful day. Parking is a little easier here than as some of the other eastern beaches, but it can still get very busy on weekends if the weather is nice, so bus is a good alternative if you’re coming from the city. Along this […]

Manly Beach

One of Sydney’s most popular beaches, Manly beach is definitely one to make sure you visit while you’re in town. Easily accessible from the city centre by ferry, the trip alone makes this beach worth a visit. You can expect a breezy half hour on the ferry taking in Sydney’s spectacular harbour on your way here. And if you make your way back to the city around sunset then you can enjoy stunning sunset views with the iconic Opera House and the Harbour bridge in the background. A few hundred […]

Long Reef Beach

One of the lesser known of the northern beaches, Long Reef Beach is a great place to come if you want a more peaceful day. Just north of the very popular Dee Why Beach, Long Reef beach extends for 2 kilometers and has nature reserves behind it. Being surrounded as it is by nature, it is a beautiful and tranquil spot to enjoy a picnic. Getting here by car is easy and parking is a breeze with a carpark right behind the beach. However, the bus is a good alternative […]

Freshwater Beach

Just a few hundred meters north of the famous Manly Beach, past Queenscliff is the beautiful Freshwater Beach. One of Sydney’s smaller beaches, Freshwater Beach is just 350 meters long but definitely still worth a visit if you enjoy surfing. Flanked by headland on each side, this beach produces good waves making it a favourite among surfers for years. Freshwater Beach is most easily accessible by car, and conveniently has a carpark located towards the north end. However, you can also get the bus, or if you enjoy walking then […]

Dee Why Beach

One of the most popular of the northern beaches, Dee Why is just 20 kilometers north of the Sydney city, nestled between Curl Curl and Long Reef. Easily accessible by car, but street parking can be hard to find, so the bus is a great option if you’re coming from the city. Of course, if you enjoy walking, you can enjoy the stunning ferry ride across to Manly and then walk along the coast from there. It’s about 7 kilometers so maybe not suitable to do with young children, but […]

Curl Curl Beach

One of the favourite of Sydney’s northern beaches, Curl Curl is just a few kilometers north of Manly Beach. The long uninterrupted expanse of sand here is a beautiful sight – 1.2 kilometers of golden sand, only improved by the crystal clear ocean that borders it. Because it is so long, the beach is actually divided into two – North Curl Curl and South Curl Curl. Most easily accessible by car, both beaches have carparks for a hassle-free day and there are also buses. Alternatively if you enjoy some exercise, […]

Cronulla Beach

In Sydney’s Sutherland Shire, 25 kilometers from the CBD, lies Cronulla. This beachside suburb is a world unto it’s own, with many locals never going north of the Captain Cook Bridge into Sydney but preferring instead to stay in the “Shire” as it’s known. And with a beach like this one, they might just be onto something. You can get here easily enough by car, but to beat the traffic and the parking hassles the train is a great option taking only 50 minutes from the city. This beach is […]

Coogee Beach

Just a few kilometers south of Sydney’s most famous Bondi beach, is Coogee beach. You can walk here from Bondi along the famous Bondi-Coogee coastal track, and if you have time I definitely recommend you do this. The views are stunning and you will also pass through a handful of other beautiful beaches on your way so you can cool down as you go. The track is about 8 kilometers and takes you along the cliff tops and down past the beaches in between. The buses are also well set […]

Collaroy Beach

Just north of Long Reef Beach, Collaroy is a wonderfully quiet beach that is also somewhat protected making the swell perfect for all ages. There is a carpark here, so getting here by car is easy, but there is also a bus stop within easy walking distance so this is a good option too if you’re coming from Sydney city. The Collaroy shoreline is protected from some of the weather coming from the south, so the waves are smaller here than some of the neighbouring beaches. This makes it a […]

Clovelly Beach

A tiny gem nestled in between a number of the bigger and more famous beaches, Clovelly Beach is a beautiful spot to take a break from the crowds and enjoy swimming in calmer waters. Almost halfway between Bondi and Coogee beaches, getting here is easy. Access by car is a breeze with a large carpark right next to the beach, but buses or simply walking from Bondi or Coogee are also great options. Once you’re here, Clovelly beach is a little further away from the strips of shops found at […]

Bungan Beach

Just north of popular Mona Vale beach lies Bungan beach. This tiny beach is not more than 600 meters in length and accessible only down the steep cliff track, making it a beautifully quiet alternative to it’s neighbours. Parking is limited here, but it’s almost never crowded so driving here is relatively easy, but the area is also well serviced by bus of you prefer public transport. Once here, you will need to navigate down the rocky track to the beach. This track is steep, so may be difficult for […]

Bronte Beach

If you like a picnic, then Bronte beach might be the perfect beach for you. This beautiful beach has a lovely sense of openness, with an expansive sandy beach, and tons of grassy parkland behind. There is a playground for the kids and plenty of room for everyone to find a spot to enjoy the day. Parking can be tricky at peak times, but there are buses from Bondi Junction, or you can walk from Bondi beach in about half an hour along the Bondi-Coogee coastal track which is beautiful […]

Bondi Beach

Sydney’s most famous beach is definitely Bondi Beach. Home of TV show “Bondi Rescue” this is a mecca for tourists. Despite being quite large, on a hot day it can be difficult to find a piece of sand for yourself because it really does get crowded, so if you prefer a quieter atmosphere this might not be the best beach for you to spend the day. That said, people flock here in their hundreds for a reason – it is an iconic and great beach! Car parking can get tricky, […]

Bilgola Beach

Between the ever popular Newport and Avalon Beaches, lies the lesser known Bilgola beach. Just 500 meters in length, this little beach still has a lot to offer. Access is easy by car although parking is somewhat limited, so the bus is a popular alternative. There is a kiosk here for all the essentials – coffee, cold drinks, ice-cream, and Zubi’s cafe is a local favourite here too, offering great coffee and some lovely with a friendly atmosphere and a view across the beach. Of course, you will also find […]

Avalon Beach

One of the quieter beaches on the northern beaches stretch, Avalon Beach is quiet, spacious and friendly. Good for surfing, swimming, fishing and windsurfing, the surrounding area has become a favourite place for a “sea-change” among Sydney-siders looking to enjoy a quieter, beach lifestyle. Just 37 kilometers north of the CBD, driving here should take only 45 minutes, but traffic can make this much much longer, so the bus is a good alternative as they have their own lane so can speed past the rest of the traffic and get […]