Bilgola Beach


Bilgola Beach



Between the ever popular Newport and Avalon Beaches, lies the lesser known Bilgola beach. Just 500 meters in length, this little beach still has a lot to offer. Access is easy by car although parking is somewhat limited, so the bus is a popular alternative.

There is a kiosk here for all the essentials – coffee, cold drinks, ice-cream, and Zubi’s cafe is a local favourite here too, offering great coffee and some lovely with a friendly atmosphere and a view across the beach. Of course, you will also find toilets, showers, and a picnic area at the beach so whether you feel like bringing your own or eating out, this beach has you covered.

Surfing at Bilgola is not as popular as it is at some of the neighbouring beaches, but the waves are usually quite mellow making it a good place for beginners if the conditions are right. It is a good place to swim, although it should be noted that it can get dangerous, so it is important to always swim between the flags. When conditions get rough, don’t despair! There is also an ocean rock pool at the south end that is great for laps or those days when the waves are just a bit too rough to enjoy safely. There is also a fishing area here for those who want a break from being in the water.

For those who enjoy walking, then head south past the rock pool and take the track over the headland to Newport Beach. A relatively easy 20 minute walk each direction, this track takes you past a viewing platform that offers incredible views of the coastline and the ocean beyond. If you like a nice view, this is definitely worth doing, and you can reward yourself with a swim and an ice-cream when you’re done!

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