Clovelly Beach


Clovelly Beach



A tiny gem nestled in between a number of the bigger and more famous beaches, Clovelly Beach is a beautiful spot to take a break from the crowds and enjoy swimming in calmer waters. Almost halfway between Bondi and Coogee beaches, getting here is easy. Access by car is a breeze with a large carpark right next to the beach, but buses or simply walking from Bondi or Coogee are also great options.

Once you’re here, Clovelly beach is a little further away from the strips of shops found at some of the larger beaches like Bondi, but there are toilets and showers and a kiosk up above the concrete platform on the south side which offers both eat in and takeaway options with all the essentials you need – burgers, fish and chips, coffee, drinks, icecreams…what more could you need?

This narrow little cove offers shelter from the ocean currents beyond the headlands, providing the perfect quiet waters for a refreshing but peaceful dip. This makes it popular with families, and especially those with young children. The soft sand, and gentle slope into the water make this the perfect spot to build sand castles and paddle in the shallows. Nestled between two rocky ridges, it is also good for snorkelling. It has also been built up to include long, concrete platforms on both sides, providing more space to sunbake, easy ladder access in and out of the water, and a small ocean pool which is great for laps or cooling off without sand and waves getting in the way. So, if you enjoy a little sun, sand, refreshing waves, peaceful vibes plus icecream, then this could well be the beach for you.

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