An eastern suburb that is pretty much halfway between Bondi Beach and the Sydney CBD, it is a chic, bustling district that is well known for its collection of eclectic boutique shops – which are located in the row of spectacular terraced buildings along Oxford Street.

Also renowned as a cutting edge epicenter for art, film and fashion, this district also has fabulous restaurants and nightlife, as well as a vibrant gay scene.

If you are ever in Sydney, I highly recommend a visit to Paddington. As no other part of the city is quite like it.

Paddington Reservoir

The Paddington Reservoir is a peaceful, heritage-listed public park in Oxford Street that won the Australian Award for Urban Design in 2009.

An evocative mix of the ancient Baths of Caracalla in Rome, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, it takes the form of pristine gardens, crumbling arches and wide boardwalks.

Built around the site of a former reservoir that supplied Sydney with water until 1899, the roof-top boasts a fantastic sunken garden, while some gorgeous graffiti art can be found in its eastern chamber.

It is a great place to relax, and I love to come here to enjoy some Zen and tranquility for a while.

Paddington Markets

If you are in Paddington on a Saturday, you simply must go to the Paddington Markets.

Located within the grounds of a local, historic church and public school, these markets have an excellent range of new and secondhand goods across 150 stalls.

These include clothes, craft wares, custom made jewellery, unusual soaps, delicious food and a host of other nik naks and souvenirs.

You can buy everything here, from dog coats to hand painted cushions, and I could spend hours wandering from stall to stall checking them all out.

Especially the amazing, flavoured chocolate on offer at Caseys – which is somewhere I tend to linger for a while!

UNSW Gallery

Paddington has a number of outstanding art galleries. One of my favourites is the UNSW Gallery.

It’s directly attached to the UNSW Art & Design campus and showcases the work of leading Australian and international artists.

It is a very thought provoking place which conveys contemporary ideas in art and design, as well as creativity, culture, science and technology.

Some of the displays are downright quirky, whilst others will take your breath away with their vision and inventiveness. You could easily spend a whole day in the gallery and still not see the half of it. Which is actually what makes the place so appealing to me.

Street Art

Still on the art theme, Paddington has a lovely collection of street art murals too.

Whilst not up to the level of those you find in Newtown, there are a number of excellent designs you should check out.

These include the back wall of the RST pub, which you will find along Iona Lane. As well as the side of the Unicorn Hotel – which features a mural honouring all things Australian and, unsurprisingly, unicorn!

You will also fine some great examples on Hopewell Lane and in a small side lane off Oxford Street, called Perry Lane.

The colours and designs on display are terrific and make for some great Instagram photos!


There are few greater pleasures in life than kicking back with a good book and a delicious cup of coffee, and at the Berkelouw Bookstore & Café 1812 you can do just that.

This fabulous bookstore is one of my favourite haunts, as it has floor-to-ceiling books on offer. Some of which require the staff to get on ladders to get them down off the shelves.

Situated on Oxford Street, and spread across three storeys, this classy bookstore offers a fantastic range of brand new, very rare and secondhand publications.

It also has a café that serves up top notch meals all day. So once you have bought your book you can read it there over breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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