Sahra By The River


Sahra By The River


2/76 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150


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Our family has been serving Lebanese food to Sydneysiders for now over forty years. A decade later and thousands of miles travelled (between the Arabic communities of North Africa, all the way to Mexico); we have spent a vast amount of time gaining the information to allow us to return and curate dishes that bring a wealth of regional textures and flavours to your table.
In our search for a unique Arab influence; the region of Pueblo, Mexico has become one of which is close to our hearts, therefore inspiring our ‘Taco Arrabe’ range.

Lebanese and Iraqi immigrants left their mark in Mexico, and we’re proud to showcase and deliver these unique flavours to our Sydney patrons.

Never forgetting our roots (nor our traditional diners), we also have our famous mezza dishes and banquets, which have lasted centuries for one good reason – they just taste so damn good!