Potts Point Cafes

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Potts Point is an inner city suburb where you’ll find some of the best cafes that Sydney has to offer. There are a couple of distinct cafe precincts in Potts Point, and thankfully they’re all pretty close to one another. Starting from the centre of Kings Cross (i.e. just outside the train station) on Darlinghurst Rd there are a few cafes along this strip, but nothing really of quality.

Instead, head straight to Llankelly Place where you’ll find many excellent cafes such as Et Al, Room 10, and Dear Saint Eloise just to name a few. There are many small cafes and retail shops along this lane-way so there’s always something new to sample.

Next you’ll want to walk back up to Macleay Street and down the hill. The locals (well, more typically the real estate agents) refer to this part of Potts Point as the Parisian area, mainly due to it leafy streets and beautiful old Victorian buildings. Along Macleay Street you’ll find Gypsy Espresso, Bourke St Bakery, Zinc Cafe, and Yellow.

From here, take a left down Challis Avenue (check out Spring Espresso) and then start walking back up along Victoria Street. Along this stretch you’ll find Tuyo, Cafe Holm, and Glider Cafe. At this point, you’ll find yourself back at your starting point at the rear of Kings Cross station.

Another area worth checking out for Potts Point cafes is across the road from here along Bayswater Road. Bayswater Bru, Uliveto Cafe, as well as Jeremy & Sons are all located along this stretch.

One street across from here lies Kings Cross Road. Underneath the Elan building you’ll find excellent coffee at Frankie’s Beans. About 100 metres further on down the road you’ll then stumble across Hernandez Cafe (our local favourite!) where they roast their own coffee beans onsite and make the best coffee in Potts Point. Give them a try, you won’t regret it!

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