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The first written reference to the word gin came in 1714.

And it was none too pleasant.

At the time gin was the vice of the working classes and wreaking havoc on the social, political and economic stability of London. Over the course of the 18th century various attempts were made to outlaw mother gin, control production and restrict supply… To little success. Gin cemented her presence and it was at last recognised that she was not the cause of anguish and depravity but merely a scapegoat for a corrupt regime.

It was until the following century, across the Atlantic that we first saw the cocktail defined. Also known as the bittered sling this truly American invention brought the service of alcohol to a new standard. One that was more conducive to a more sophisticated atmosphere and positive imbibing, favoured and flavoured by the gentry of the time.

But woe, another century passes and the new world is thrown into the darkness of prohibition, another attempt to control the wills and tastes of the common man through blind persecution. The 1920’s drove the bartenders, peddlers of the great cocktails of the time to seek refuge on foreign shores.

​It was during this time, that the cocktail, long a friend of Madame Genever, found a new home in London. And thus, the great drinks have lived on through another century to bring joy and solace to all who understand their beauty…