Millers Point Farmers Market


Millers Point Farmers Market


17 Argyle Street Millers Point NSW 2000


  • Event: Millers Point Farmers Market
  • Address: 17 Argyle Street Millers Point NSW 2000
  • Dates: Mondays 4-8 pm
  • Cost: Free

The primary objectives of the Millers Point Monda​y Night Farmer’s Market which the market strives to accomplish every night that the farmers market is taking place:

Providing Millers Point residents with farm fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, bread, cheese, and meat, etc

Bringing together families, neighbours, visitors and local food producers to create a sense of community and social gathering in Millers Point

Creating and increasing opportunities for farmers to sell their products directly to Millers Point consumers

Creating and increasing Millers Point residents’ opportunities to buy products directly from farmers

Providing opportunities for charity organisations to hold sales events on the day of the Farmer’s Market to raise funds for their organisation, e.g. through a sausage sizzle, bake sale, etc.

Facilitating the City of Sydney to build relationships with Miller’s Point residents through the market e.g. market space could be provided to promote important messages for City of Sydney residents on how to make our city more liveable, safer, etc.

Encourage local Millers Point businesses to be involved with farmers market

Establishing vibrant markets that make our market locations a destination for tourists and visitors

Providing a vehicle to educate the community on the nutritional, environmental, and economic value of buying local, sustainably-produced farm products.