Eastwood Restaurants

Welcome to our curated guide to the best restaurants in Eastwood. This Western Sydney suburb has a large Asian community, reflected in its culinary scene. So it features plenty of Chinese, Thai and Korean options for those wanting something vibrant and spicy. From cosy family-run venues serving authentic Asian cuisine to upscale establishments pushing the envelopes of fusion food, Eastwood's dining scene promises a divine experience that will leave your tastebuds craving for more.

257 Home Kitchen

At 257 Home Kitchen, they specialise in plating fresh and delicious Chinese cuisine made with love. The charming venue features authentic decor and comfortable seating, providing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which to dine. Try the pork and mushrooms with tofu or the delicious pan-fried dumplings for a very filling & satisfying meal.

257 Rowe St Eastwood 2122

Cuisine: Chinese


Canton Cafe

With its fast service, fabulous food and friendly wait staff, the Canton Cafe ticks all the boxes. Don't be fooled by its narrow facade; it has quite a deep interior with authentic Chinese decor and a relaxed vibe. This makes for a lovely venue to enjoy a top range of sizzling dishes, like soy sauce chicken and BBQ pork, that will bring joy to your taste buds.

127 Rowe St Eastwood 2122

Cuisine: Cantonese


Ginger and Shallots Chinese Cuisine

Located within the bustling Eastwood Village Square, Ginger and Shallots Chinese Cuisine is a homely restaurant that serves a delicious selection of tasty South-Asian rice and noodle-based dishes. Popular with locals, the venue is open from lunch till late. Food is served quickly, and there are plenty of seats available in which to enjoy what you order.

25/1 Lakeside Rd Eastwood 2122

Cuisine: Chinese

Hungry Paulie

Priding itself on being one of the best restaurants in Eastwood, Hungry Paulie is a lively venue that specialises in serving up a terrific selection of spicy and vibrant Taiwanese street food-style dishes. Set within a bright and colourful dining space, it is a particularly good place for brunch as its menu has lots of variety and the food comes in big portions.

Shop 3/3-5 Trelawney St Eastwood 2122

Cuisine: Taiwanese


Lai Lai

Lai Lai is a delightful Korean and Chinese fusion venue serving dishes showcasing the best of both culinary genres. Set within a small yet comfortable space, they offer a fantastic menu of dishes to take your taste buds on a sensory journey. Whether you order beef, pork, chicken or tofu, the tasty food is served fast and fresh in generous-sized portions.

120 Rowe St Eastwood 2122

Cuisine: Korean

Mr Stonebowl

If you are in the mood for elevated Chinese food, head to Mr Stonebowl. Often called Mr Stonepot due to its use of this kind of cooking vessel, this restaurant serves up sumptuous dishes at prices many people should find reasonable. While you can sometimes have to wait for a table due to the venue being busy, the food is so good, it is worth it!

205 Rowe St Eastwood 2122

Cuisine: Chinese


Taste of Shanghai

You will undoubtedly have a fair idea about what Taste of Shanghai offers from its name. But you might not get a sense of how delicious the food they are offering is. This popular venue is loved for its authentic Chinese stir-fries, dumplings and noodle-based dishes. They also do terrific dim sum, which explains why they are always so busy.

1/200 Rowe St Eastwood 2122

Cuisine: Chinese


Traditional Cantonese Taste

If you are looking for a place that offers diners the traditional Cantonese taste you've been looking for, look no further than this joint. Located within the plaza, it offers a superb range of authentic cuisine, including rice cloth-pulled noodle rolls that wouldn't look out of place in Guangzhou. Service is quick and friendly, and there is ample seating.

Shop 9A/1 Lakeside Rd Eastwood 2122

Cuisine: Chinese


You'll find Unkles to be a cosy Korean restaurant that offers excellent food with fast and friendly service. It is currently open every day from at least 9 am until 10 pm, so you can enjoy their delicious meals for brunch, lunch or dinner - or anytime in between. Their beef marinated stew and kimchi soft tofu soup are very popular dishes with locals.

117/62-80 Rowe St Eastwood 2122

Cuisine: Korean