Best Pizza in Sydney

Pizza is up there as one of my main comfort foods. Whenever I am really hungry and in the mood for a big feed, I often order a pizza, as it really fills me up!

The great thing about pizza is that you can have it with any toppings you like. From the traditional thin crust Neapolitan to thick stone bases layered with exotic toppings, you can enjoy one every night of the week, and it can feel like a completely different meal.

In and around Sydney there are loads of awesome pizzerias. Here is a selection of some of my favourites.

Pizzeria Da Alfredo

Offering a taste of 'home' in Glebe, the Pizzeria Da Alfredo makes seriously good Margherita pizzas.

I don't have Italian heritage, but if I did, I imagine the pizzas they make would take me back to my youth in the Bel Paese.

Apparently, the owner and pizzaiolo, a chap called Alfredo Repole, came to Sydney from Naples three years ago to start a pizza shop.

Hailing from a family of Italian pizza makers and having been a pizza maker ever since he was 11 years old, the offerings here are very authentic. Due in part, no doubt, to the two and a half tonne oven he had shipped over in one piece.

Dimitri's Pizzeria

I consider myself very lucky to live right near Dimitri's Pizzeria.

Originally situated on Crown Street, it relocated to Oxford Street a couple of years ago to bigger premises that now can accommodate more diners, and even has a dedicate bar upstairs.

Like Pizzeria Da Alfredo, Dimitri's features an Italian made woodfire oven. However unlike that Glebe based restaurant it tends to focus on big, bold flavours at the expense of traditional methods of preparation.

Offering delightful pizzas with 100% sourdough bases, my favourite is the 'Devo is Real', which features potato with caramelised onion, house mozzarella, rosemary and herbed ricotta.

Westwood Pizza

Westwood Pizza has not been open that long, but it has already cemented a reputation for being one of the best pizza restaurants in Sydney.

Based in Newtown, this small pizzeria is very exclusive. So much so that it only makes 150 pizzas a day!

So you will need to order ahead to ensure you don't miss out.

Serving up pizzas made from the highest quality Aussie ingredients, which are sustainably sourced, the menu is fairly small.

But that just makes such delicious offerings as garlic-honey pizza made with confit garlic oil, fermented garlic honey, fior di latte cheese, and sheep's milk pecorino, stand out even more.

Lucio Pizzeria

I am spoiled for choice with top notch pizza joints in Darlinghurst and Lucio Pizzeria is another exceptional place to dine at.

Lucio Pizzeria champions as authentic a Neapolitan pizza as you can possibly hope to get.

You might well have heard a statement like that many times before; but considering the owner is the current vice president Australasia of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, you can rest assured they are.

In case you didn't know, those guys are the ruling body who award authenticity status to Naples-style pizzerias around world.

Make sure you order the Margherita here. And if you are ever in Zetland, check out their joint there too.

Bella Brutta

If you get what you pay for then the fantastic pizzas at Bella Brutta represent outstanding value for money.

Definitely one of the best pizza restaurants in Sydney, the pizzas here might cost a little bit more than at many other establishments, though they are a little bit tastier too.

Its always busy here, so you might need to wait a little time for your table, but the atmosphere is great, and the food is delicious.

If you are feeling adventurous try the clam pizza. It may sound like an odd choice of pizza topping but let me tell you that its genius!

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