Best Pho in Sydney

There is no shortage of Vietnamese dining establishments in Sydney. Whether you are craving some delicious bánh mě, wish to try g?i cu?n (summer rolls), or enjoy a bowl of soul-warming bun cha, you will find it here in the capital of New South Wales.

Ever-disputable in pronunciation, Pho is one of the most famous Vietnamese dishes. This national staple rich in beef bones, ginger, star anise, bean sprouts, cinnamon, and other herbs and spices is extremely popular in Sydney.

What makes this comforting noodle soup so awesome' It's the freshness of the meat (usually chicken or beef), the texture of the rice noodles, and the flavour of the broth.

To help you decide where to go, check out our list of the best places in Sydney to get yourself a fix of some delicious Pho...

Pho And Go

The concept of Pho And go in Randwick is pretty much straight forward. It's an old-school hole-in-the-wall on Belmore Street with an extensive food menu. Expect to find all the usual suspects such as noodle salad, rice paper rolls, fried spring rolls, and lemongrass chicken noodle salad.

Their Vietnamese pho-to-go is a massive hit among the customers. Chef Tony Le uses a secret family recipe for this dish and simmers the aromatic broth for about 48 hours. Vegans will be delighted to hear that Pho and Go also offers a vegan pho which is served with tofu instead of meat. Wash away their flavoursome pho with a durian smoothie, ice coffee, or a local Vietnamese beer.

Madame Nhu

Madame Nhu is an award-winning chain of Vietnamese eateries with a series of venue openings in Sydney. The signature dish at their joint in Surry Hills is undoubtedly the delicious pho noodle soup created by Chef Nhu. The bone broth takes up to 8 hours to prepare, the Tasmanian beef comes from Hunter Valley, and rice noodles are cooked to perfection!

Try the Saigon sliders (duck, chicken, pork, or vegetarian) and order a round of Asian-inspired cocktails. Madame Nhu also boasts an impressive selection of Asian Beers including Ishikawa, Tama no Megumi, and the popular Tsingtao.

Black Ginger

No list of the best Pho eateries in Sydney would be complete without mentioning the legendary Black Ginger in Newtown. Here, the bone broth for their pho dishes is cooked for 12 hours.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the depth of flavour in the reasonably priced soup is simply incredible.

The Beef Pho which is served with hoisin sauce and bean sprouts on the side is mouthwatering. In the mood for some entrees' Order the spring fools with various fillings or go for the sugarcane prawns.


Opened in 2014, Pho PHD in Marrickville specializes in traditional pho noodle soup. Yes, will find other Vietnamese dishes on the menu such as crispy chicken with tomato rice, prawn rice paper rolls, and lemongrass pork. However, their pho beef noodle soup is what attracts hordes of hungry customers.

The hot bowls of Southern Vietnamese pho are served with thick noodles and everyone's seems to be madly in love with the broth. Since this is Southern-style pho, the broth is a bit on the sweeter side. The dish comes with your choice of seafood, brisket, beef, or chicken. For an extra spicy kick, we recommend throwing some fresh chilli on top.

An Restaurant

This is one of the most unique Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney. Why' Well, the only thing you will find on the menu at this 200-seater joint in Bankstown is the pho noodle soup dish.  The interior is minimalistic. Think in the lines of white walls, classic Vietnamese frame decors, and plastic chairs.

An Restaurant offers a wide range of Pho flavours to choose from. There is the Beef Pho assortment which can be ordered with beef roll, tripe, brisket, cooked beef, rare beef, or a combination of all. Then, they have Chicken Pho which you can order with eggs, giblet, liver, or heart.  Add things like mint leaves, onion slices, beansprouts and you won't be disappointed. We almost forgot to mention that the broth at An Restaurant is brewed for 10 hours using marrow-filled beef shank bones.