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Best Bottomless Brunch in Sydney

If you’re looking for something fun to do over the weekend, why not head out for a bottomless brunch. This scrumptious way to start the day combines delicious brunch delights with alcoholic beverages, which usually involves sparkling wine and mimosas. If you’re in Sydney there’s a range of venues to choose from, each with their own unique perspective on what a bottomless brunch should be. So, without further ado, here are 10 of the best places to enjoy a bottomless brunch in Sydney. 169 Darlinghurst Located on the corner of […]

Best Craft Beer Breweries in Sydney

In recent years craft breweries have really taken off, not just in Sydney, but all across Australia. Perhaps it’s the thought of consuming the beer, right where it is made, that appeals to so many people. Or maybe it’s just because they want to try something new. But whatever the reason for its current popularity, it is a trend that seems here to stay. All over Sydney, there are a number of dedicated craft breweries that showcase all manner of bespoke ales, lagers, and porters. Outlined below is our selection of 20 […]

Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Sydney

From the ubiquitous pho and quintessential Bánh mì, to the most exquisite vermicelli noodle salads and Goi cuon that really makes your mouth water, Vietnamese food is like a warm hug. There is something so very satisfying about the smells, flavours, and textures of this delicious style of cuisine, and in Sydney there are plenty of places to get a great feed. Across the CBD, and throughout the city as a whole, there are a number of fantastic Vietnamese restaurants that take the form of everything from tiny holes-in-the-wall to […]


Best Malaysian Restaurants in Sydney

Malaysian food was first introduced in Sydney back in the 1960s when The Malaya opened its doors in the CBD. Since then it has grown into one of the most popular styles of Asian cuisine in the city, with many different restaurants serving up a selection of laksas, sambals, satays, rotis and nasi lemak. Heavily influenced by the culinary styles of India, China and even Borneo, Malaysian food is always spicy, flavourful, and fragranced with the most delicious mix of spices. Outlined below is our selection of some of the […]


Best Pub Food in Sydney

Sometimes only a good old pub lunch will do! Whether it be a traditional fish and chips or chicken parmi, or a more sophisticated offering like freshly shucked oysters or Angus Rump Tagliata, Sydney has a fantastic range of pubs in which to get a very good lunchtime feed. The pubs in Sydney are excellent places to go for lunch as they offer a relaxed, affordable and convenient setting to enjoy a hearty meal. Throughout the CBD, and the wider suburbs, there are many outstanding pubs in Sydney to choose […]

Best Picnic Spots in Sydney

With its lovely weather and gorgeous natural scenery Sydney is a great place to enjoy a picnic. Blessed with a plethora of beautiful beaches, lookouts, parks and waterfront settings, the options for picnic spots are wide and varied. Indeed you could easily visit a new picnic spot every day of the year in the city, and still not see the half of them. Whether you are looking for a picnic spot with a beautiful view of the harbour, a picturesque garden, or a park with plenty of space for the […]

Best Thai Restaurants in Sydney

A recent food survey found that Thai food heads the list of Australia’s favourite international cuisine. Its not surprising really, as there is practically a Thai restaurant on every street corner. Especially in Sydney, where Pad Thai can almost be considered the state dish. Thai food is known for its delicate flavours and clever use of herbs and spices, which all fuse together to produce a wonderful range of curries, soups and stir-fries. We’ve come up with a list of some of the best Thai Restaurants in Sydney. All known […]


Best Book Shops in Sydney

Reading remains one of life’s great pleasures. While the internet has provided a quick and convenient way to buy books, you can’t beat the experience of actually visiting a bookshop. The distinctive smell of books, the unique feel of them and the glorious sight of endless shelves of wall-to-ceiling paperbacks is a sensory treat we all need every once in a while. Unfortunately, in many parts of Australia bookshops are a dying breed. But thankfully this is not the case in Sydney where the bookstore scene is still very vibrant. […]

Best Bars in Sydney

Sydney has a number of outstanding bars. Infact they are so good that 3 of them are currently ranked among the best 50 in the world. So when it comes to going out for a drink in the Emerald City you are definitely spoiled for choice. There are a number of factors that make the bars in Sydney so good. The quality of the drinks they offer is obviously key, as is the food too. But other things like the location, décor, views, atmosphere, live entertainment and even the type […]

Best Escape Rooms in Sydney

In recent years the phenomenon of escape rooms has taken Australia by storm. This is particularly true in Sydney where it seems like a new one is opening up every week! Escape rooms offer a challenge no other attraction in the city can. Solving puzzles and cracking codes against the clock to release yourself from confinement. There are many different themes of escape rooms that offer varying degrees of difficulty, from 1900s concept sets to hi-tech ones that fire laser beams. If you feel like testing your problem solving skills […]

Best Korean BBQ in Sydney

There is no shortage of Korean BBQ eateries in Sydney. From traditional restaurants that serve Korean fried chicken and seafood pancakes to swanky dining establishments where you can cook your own meat and enjoy banchans (complimentary side dishes), you simply can’t go wrong with KBBQ cuisine in Sydney. Here’s where to get your Korean BBQ fix in the Harbour City. Bornga Welcome to Bornga, a Korean Barbecue restaurant located in Haymarket. Expect to find an extensive menu of Korean classics such as prime beef tongue, chili-marinated raw crab, paper-thin sliced […]


Best Steak in Sydney

Steak is practically a national dish in Australia. And Sydney sets the bar when it comes to outstanding steak restaurants. Serving up a mouth-watering range of juicy sirloin, porterhouse, filet mignon and ribeye there are hundreds of eateries in the city that offer top notch cuts of meat. Blessed with access to some of the best quality beef in the world, they can be found everywhere, from plush restaurants with scintillating harbour views to quiet, charming bistros tucked away in the back streets. If you love nothing more than a […]

The Best Dessert in Sydney

If dessert is your favourite meal of the day, then Sydney has got you well and truly covered. From exquisite chocolate creations, and the most decadent pastries, to exotic flavours of gelato and irresistible pancakes, anything you want to satisfy your sweet tooth can be found within the city. There are so many options available to you, it can be difficult to know where to start. So if you need some pointers as to where is good to go, this selection of some of the best desserts in Sydney are […]

Best Brunch in Sydney

Brunch is practically a religion in Sydney. Every day, from around 10am, thousands of people across the city enjoy a range of innovative and classic offerings. Served up at an eclectic mix of venues, that include everywhere from plush waterfront restaurants to charming, intimate bistros tucked away in hidden laneways. Whether your go to is eggs benny or Belgian waffles, or something a little more ethnic and inventive, the choice of meal options is wide, varied and endless. If you love brunch and are looking to try out some new places, […]

Best Breakfast in Sydney

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then Sydneysiders take this mantra very seriously. There are literally hundreds of cafes, bistros and restaurants in the city that serve all manner of brekkie delights. From artisanal pastries and delicious toasties to the ubiquitous avo smash and international dishes that tantalises with their exoticism, the good people of Sydney are spoiled for choice. Definitely the best way to set up your day, going out for breakfast is the quintessential Sydney experience. If you need some ideas of where to […]

Best Dumplings in Sydney

Nothing beats a Sunday hangover better than a portion of dumplings. From fried and crispy to steamed and soupy, these flavourful bite-sized treats come in many formats. The good news is that Sydney is home to some of the world’s best dumpling joints. Whether you wish to try Nepali momos, enjoy a portion of xiao long bao (Chinese soup dumplings), or go for the crescent-shaped jiaozi, these are the best dumplings eateries in the Emerald City. Din Tai Fung With over 9 locations in the city, Din Tai Fung is […]

Best Fish & Chips in Sydney

Fish and chips are the quintessential beachside meal, and every weekend thousands of people can be seen gorging on them by the beaches of Bondi, Bronte and Coogee. But in Sydney there are plenty of other places in the city that serve up this delicious combination too. Whether you like your fish pan fried, seared or crumbed and your chips thin cut, crinkled or as steak fries, there is a restaurant in Sydney that will cater to you. I tend to go for fish and chips once every couple of […]


Best Greek Restaurants in Sydney

Sydney has a big population of people with Greek heritage and nowhere is this better represented than in the many Hellenic restaurants that can be found in the city. Good Mediterranean food is always bursting with fresh and vibrant flavours, which I think is why Sydneysiders love it so much. You can find the likes of lamb gyros, moussaka, souvlaki, dolmades and kolokythokeftedes at many restaurants across the city. If you are not lucky enough to know a Greek family who can cook you an authentic meal, then this list […]

Best French Restaurants in Sydney

The French have brought a number of fantastic culinary delights to the international food table over the years, including coq au vin, escargot, bœuf bourguignon and cassoulet. While celebrity chefs like and Raymond Blanc and Manu have enhanced the reputation of this cuisine further. In Sydney there are now a number of excellent bistros, brasseries and restaurants throughout the city. Most of which offer a certain ‘je ne sais crois’, which seems to be missing from other establishments on the dining scene. Often seen as the perfect destination for date […]


Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Sydney

I am not a vegetarian, but I do love a good veggie meal every now and then. Sydney has a huge number of restaurants that cater to both vegans and vegetarians. Many of which are award winning and/or fine dining establishments. From plant based set menus, to meat-free burger bars, many restaurants in Sydney have well and truly dispelled the myth that vegetarian food is boring and bland. Tasty and filling, these establishments showcase much of the best seafood and vegetable produce in Australia. Here is a selection of some […]

Best Cocktails Bars in Sydney

I firmly believe that Sydney has some of the best cocktail bars in the world. From plush rooftop bars, with sensational views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, to secret drinking annexes down secluded laneways, there are plenty of venues to visit on a night out. Offering everything from the classics like the Manhattan, Negroni and Sazerac to more inventive concoctions, that come with a healthy dose of theatre, your cocktail options are wide and varied in the capital of New South Wales. Outlined below is a list […]

Best Yum Cha in Sydney

Yum Cha is such a great concept. This centuries old Cantonese brunch tradition, involving Chinese tea and finger food items, is a great way to set up your day. What can be better than enjoying a delicious spread of dumplings, spring rolls or steamed buns with family or friends? Literally meaning ‘drink tea’, Yum Cha, in Australia, tends to be more about the food. It became popular in the 1980s in the Chinatown areas of Sydney and Melbourne. But has since taken off massively from there. Sydney has a number […]

Best Indian Restaurants in Sydney

A decade or so ago there were not that many Indian restaurants in Sydney, but in recent years that genre of cuisine has really started to take off. From the rich, thick curries of the north of India, and the flavoursome coconut milk dishes of the south, to the wonderfully spiced seafood of the Gujarat and the delicious street food of Kerala, there are now a wide range of outstanding restaurants in and around the city. I love a good curry and go out to eat one on a fairly […]


Best Seafood Restuarants in Sydney

Sydney is surrounded by water, so its no wonder that some of the best seafood restaurants in the country reside in and around the city. To my mind there are few better dining experiences than a seafood meal with a view, especially as the sun is setting. From elevated harbour side decks to restaurants in the CBD, that look out to the skyline, there are plenty of fantastic options available in the city. Each of which offers something unique, innovative and exciting. Outlined below is a selection of some of […]

Best Pizza in Sydney

Pizza is up there as one of my main comfort foods. Whenever I am really hungry and in the mood for a big feed, I often order a pizza, as it really fills me up! The great thing about pizza is that you can have it with any toppings you like. From the traditional thin crust Neapolitan to thick stone bases layered with exotic toppings, you can enjoy one every night of the week, and it can feel like a completely different meal. In and around Sydney there are loads […]

Best Ramen in Sydney

Sydneysiders love ramen. So much so there is a ramen joint on pretty much every street corner! I remember the first time I had ramen in the early 2000s, my tastebuds were transported to levels they had never experienced before. And from that first mouthful I was well and truly hooked. Whether your preference is tonkotsu, miso, shoyu, shio or tsukemen, the choice of dishes available to you within the city is very varied. I have had ramen in many parts of Australia, but in my opinion no one does […]

Best Pho in Sydney

There is no shortage of Vietnamese dining establishments in Sydney. Whether you are craving some delicious bánh mì, wish to try gỏi cuốn (summer rolls), or enjoy a bowl of soul-warming bun cha, you will find it here in the capital of New South Wales. Ever-disputable in pronunciation, Pho is one of the most famous Vietnamese dishes. This national staple rich in beef bones, ginger, star anise, bean sprouts, cinnamon, and other herbs and spices is extremely popular in Sydney. What makes this comforting noodle soup so awesome? It’s the […]


Best High Tea in Sydney

If you enjoy going for fancy dinners and boozy lunches, another culinary event you’ll surely enjoy is high tea. High tea (or Afternoon Tea) is an English ritual dating back to the 1700s. Traditionally, it features a fabulous spread of dainty sandwiches, scones with fresh cream and jam, and mouth-watering cakes; all washed down with endless pots of tea. Today, high tea is a much-loved luxurious dining experience in Sydney for locals and tourists alike. These five best high tea venues in Sydney include traditional offerings as well as modern […]

Best Burgers in Sydney

There are presently 1,000-plus burger joints operating throughout Sydney and that is to say nothing of the several thousand more pubs, bars and food trucks of no fixed address slinging them.  While a small few of these restaurants still live and die by a traditional style (of defrosted beef patties, fried eggs, beetroot and similar stacked upon sesame-seed buns), most these days, as per their customers, are much more adventurous.  Ever tried trashcan bacon, truffle-spiked burger sauce or a fish burger with mushy peas?  This list of five of our […]


Best Mexican Restaurants in Sydney

Still 30-plus restaurants strong nation-wide including several in greater Sydney, Taco Bill’s is my own first memory of Mexican food and was indeed the first to market it in Australia in the late 1960s (before my time FYI).  From then, the cuisine’s uptake here was something of a slow burn (pun intended) until an explosion in the mid-2010s, when Australia’s Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants listed on Urbanspoon (now Zomato) more than doubled in less than two years.  Sydney has numerous that bring Mexican’s trademark vibrancy, flavour and fun.  Some of […]


Best Italian Restaurants in Sydney

As per relevant research data, Italian cuisine is the world’s most popular.  In Australia, it ranks third (as Italian very interestingly does also here in terms of both our biggest ethnic groups and most commonly spoken languages).  Sydney, like Melbourne, has been home to pizzerias and trattorias since the late 1950s, some of which (including one listed below) amazingly remain today.  Sydneysiders need not go far from home to indulge in antipasto, pizza, pasta, dolce and everything in between, some of the best of which (in no particular order) is […]


Best Restaurants in Parramatta

Depending on who you ask, Parramatta is either soon-to-be or already the second Sydney CBD. As one might expect then, especially of a place home to masses of university students, oodles of young families, and an ever-growing creative scene, the suburb is replete with a share of eateries and drinking spots very fair in quantity and quality alike. Cafes aplenty here provide eats, drinks and vibe very much on par with that of their more inner-city equivalents. Restaurant options range from those dishing up unpretentious and eclectic fare concocted by […]