Best Korean BBQ in Sydney

There is no shortage of Korean BBQ eateries in Sydney. From traditional restaurants that serve Korean fried chicken and seafood pancakes to swanky dining establishments where you can cook your own meat and enjoy banchans (complimentary side dishes), you simply can't go wrong with KBBQ cuisine in Sydney. Here's where to get your Korean BBQ fix in the Harbour City.


Welcome to Bornga, a Korean Barbecue restaurant located in Haymarket. Expect to find an extensive menu of Korean classics such as prime beef tongue, chili-marinated raw crab, paper-thin sliced beef brisket, and stir-fried vegetables and pork with glass noodles. Keep in mind that the meat here at Bornga is cut very thinly, which means you don't have to cook it for too long on your charcoal grill.

A must-order item on the menu is the signature mansinchang samgyeopsal (cuts of pork belly marinated in spicy sauce). The sides are unlimited and the service is spot on! Run by celebrity chef Baek Jong-won, this busy eatery is definitely one of the most popular Korean restaurants in Sydney.

678 Korean BBQ

678 Korean BBQ is an institution here in Sydney. With locations in Haymarket, Eastwood, and CBD, this global chain offers an extensive menu with everything from premium beef and pork to fresh veggies, soups, and liquor. Meat lovers will want to try delicacies such as wagyu brisket, skirt steak, prime pork belly, short ribs, and beef sashimi.

If you are craving a bowl of soup, go for their signature kimchi noodle soup. All of banchans are made in-house and the meat comes from some of the best producers in Australia. It's a place where beef has an 8+score! .


Practice your cooking skill at Danjee, a stylish Korean BBQ restaurant where each dish is mouthwatering and divine. Bibimbap in chicken is to die for, as well as other signature dishes such as wagyu short ribs, chilli kimchi, kimchi and mung bean pancake, and other beef, fish and pork variations. If you are in the mood for something different, Danjee also offers a modern take on traditional Korean dishes.

A restaurant that focuses primarily on high-quality food, Danjee is a fine dining establishment with a hefty price tag. For instance, a platter with 5 different cuts of Wagyu beef with a marble score of 8+ will set you back $160. The beverage list is at Danjee is unique and offers options like premium-distilled soju.

Gyeong Bok Gung Korean BBQ Restaurant

Gyeong Bok Gung Korean BBQ Restaurant does not have a menu with hundreds of dishes. Instead, they offer a short BBQ menu with one of the finest banchan offerings in the city. From sweet potato noodles and pickled shallots to kimch and semi-sweet soy-glazed potatoes, the banchan here is simply amazing.

The mains are also very impressive at Gyeong Bok Gung Korean BBQ Restaurant. A $25 lunch banquet allows you to choose from squid or pork, bulgogi, and a quartet of rissole-like beef patties. Whatever you choose, you're in for a memorable dining experience. Toasted rice soup is also worth ordering, as well as all the usual Korean BBW delicacies like marinated pork and beef ribs and a few marbled steak cuts.


Kogi is a popular Korean BBQ restaurant in Sydney that offers traditional Korean BBQ with a contemporary twist. Think in the lines of the traditional marinated pork and beef ribs with steamed egg and the modern wagyu plater which consists of ox tongue, deckles loin, oyster blade, and chuck flap tail.

Some of the other tasty dishes on their extensive menu include pork belly, king prawns and spicy baby octopus. The list of the side dishes is also respectable with options such as soft tofu seaweed stew, seafood pancakes, and cheese topokki.