Best French Restaurants in Sydney

The French have brought a number of fantastic culinary delights to the international food table over the years, including coq au vin, escargot, b'uf bourguignon and cassoulet. While celebrity chefs like and Raymond Blanc and Manu have enhanced the reputation of this cuisine further.

In Sydney there are now a number of excellent bistros, brasseries and restaurants throughout the city. Most of which offer a certain 'je ne sais crois', which seems to be missing from other establishments on the dining scene.

Often seen as the perfect destination for date night or special occasions, here are some of my favourite French restaurants in Sydney.

Restaurant Hubert

For those milestone celebrations or significant events that are more appropriate for an upscale venue, Restaurant Hubert is an excellent choice.

Offering classic French dishes in a refined and sophisticated setting, you know you are in for a fantastic dining experience the second you walk through its grandiose wooden front door.

There are seven rooms overall in this establishment and each one offers a slightly different take on French cuisine. With dishes ranging from the delicious Normandy burger, which has melted gruyere cheese and a fantastic tangy sauce, to a really juicy chicken fricassee.

Whichever one you pick; you will be in for a fantastic feed.


I've eaten in France several times before, and the food on offer at Felix compares with anything I tasted over there.

Surrounded by shelves upon shelves of fine wines and emitting the glow of chandeliers that were imported from La R'publique, the setting for this luxury restaurant is quintessentially French.

Featuring a dedicated fresh seafood bar, which is the centrepiece of the restaurant, the food offerings here are exceptional.

If you don't fancy seafood, I would recommend the delicious c'te de boeuf or the twice-baked gruy're souffl'. But if you do then you should definitely try the whole rock lobster.

Bistro Moncur

One of the oldest French restaurants in Sydney, Bistro Moncur has been on the scene since 1993.

It's a really inviting place, with a bright airy dining room, charming, vaulted wooden ceiling and some very cool artwork, and always makes for a lovely destination in which to enjoy a meal.

Located in Woollahra, their dishes are bursting with big, bold French flavours, and can be enjoyed as part of a 2 or 3 course set menu, or as individual meals.

The prime fillet steak served with steak b'arnaise is always cooked to perfection and I would also recommend the saffron crab omelette, if you were after something a bit lighter.

Bistrot 916

Bistrot 916 only opened earlier this year in Potts Point, but it is already a major player on the Sydney dining scene.

Offering an exceptional menu curated by Head Chef Dan Pepperell, who was also the mastermind behind Restaurant Hubert, the dishes they offer are styled on classic French seafood cuisine.

The atmosphere is relaxed and authentic; and showcases the kind of candy pink tablecloths you see in the restaurants in the south of France.

Dishes like lamb brains with smoked eel mayonnaise, and duck frites, shine from the menu. While the wine list includes decorated labels from the Burgundy, Champagne and Ch'teauneuf-du-Pape regions.

Bistro Rex

Just down the road from the Bistrot 916 is the longer established Bistro Rex.

Inspired by the bistros of Paris, the restaurant is known for its congenial atmosphere, authentic d'cor and excellent service.

The food is widely applauded for being first rate too. Overseen by Executive Chef Jo Ward, their 220g steak frites with Caf' de Paris is the signature dish here.

But if you don't feel like steak, then have a go at the lobster mac & cheese spring rolls. Alternatively the twice-baked cantal cheese souffl' and the grilled octopus, with lemon potato crisp, are excellent options.

Other notable French Restaurants in Sydney


Le Bouchon

Chez Maurice Et Linda


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