Best Fish & Chips in Sydney

Fish and chips are the quintessential beachside meal, and every weekend thousands of people can be seen gorging on them by the beaches of Bondi, Bronte and Coogee.

But in Sydney there are plenty of other places in the city that serve up this delicious combination too.

Whether you like your fish pan fried, seared or crumbed and your chips thin cut, crinkled or as steak fries, there is a restaurant in Sydney that will cater to you.

I tend to go for fish and chips once every couple of weeks or so, and when I do, these are some of my favourite places to head to.

Fish Butchery

Located in Paddington the Fish Butchery is a bit of an institution.

Doing exactly what they say they are, this establishment is a fish shop that is also a butcher. So along with their delicious menu they also offer a range of related fish services like storage, scaling and gutting.

Their food menu is exceptional. Working in conjunction with local fishermen, they showcase a fantastic choice of the freshest and best quality of fish.

I can highly recommend their battered piece of deep-sea bream, which they serve with thick cut chips, pickled gherkins, malt onions and a really tasty yoghurt tartare sauce.

Bondi's Best

Its hard to argue against Bondi's Best being the best fish and chip shop in Bondi.

For a start their portion size is enough to feed a small army, and as their food offerings are sustainably sourced, so there is a nice ethical peace of mind to it as well.

But if the proof is in the tasting, then Bondi's Best passes that with flying colours too. According to their website they operate under the mantra 'seafood done right is one of life's great joys'. And this is evident in everything they serve.

The great thing about this place is that as well as a full fish menu, they also have a separate sushi menu too. So you can always grab a quick snack if you are not mega hungry.

Mohr Fish

Whilst I can't quite class this as my 'local', Mohr Fish is a place I have been going to ever since it first opened over 30 years ago.

Situated on Devonshire Street in Surry Hills I can't tell you the number of softshell crab, steamed mussels and bouillabaisse dishes I have had there over the years. But I can tell you that each one of them has been consistently of the highest order.

Aside from the food, one of the best things I like about this place is its very intimate. Its tiled-wall setting always makes me feel like I am dining at home.

Sydney Fish Market

The Sydney Fish Market is an experience everyone should try out.

Just on Pyrmont Bridge Road, it is undoubtedly the epicentre of the city's seafood industry, and one of the best places to go to dine on the freshest seafood in Sydney.

I think I first came here in the early 90s and it's great to see the place still going strong.

There is not one restaurant here, but a number of different eateries all of which focus on providing quality produce cooked perfectly.

My favourite venue is Doyle's (try the mussel chowder!), but really it doesn't matter where you choose to go, because rest assured, the food will be top notch.

Saint Peter

For the first time diner, I can guarantee you have never had fish the way they serve it up at Saint Peter in Paddington.

Run by the same chaps who own the previously mentioned Fish Butchery, the traditional fish and chips they offer during weekends, at this particular establishment, is very good.

But it's the constantly changing daily 7 course tasting menu they present that will really blow your mind.

Dishes like pippies in XO sauce with shavings of bacon, snapper sausage and yellowfin tuna with biquinho peppers, pequeno tomatoes & hand harvested capers have previously featured on the menu.

Sustainably sourced and cooked to perfection, it is the ultimate fish treat for your senses.

Other Notable places for excellent Fish & Chip in Sydney

Once you've tried all of these delicious fish and chip joints above, here are some other recommended spots to get your seafood fix:

Doyle's on the Beach

Bathers Pavilion

Ocean Foods, Drummoyne

Bottom of the Harbour