Aqua Dining


Aqua Dining


Northcliff St &, Paul St, Milsons Point NSW 2061


(02) 9964 9998



Tucked in above the North Sydney Olympic Swimming Pool and with a jaw-dropping view across Sydney Harbour, Aqua Dining offers a spectacular Sydney dining experience. Here the view is most definitely worth paying for, with the famous Harbour Bridge dominating the windows, and sparkling harbour and iconic Opera House behind. And yet, the food is most definitely not second rate here. This is not a case of average food with a million dollar view. Here you are truly getting the best of both worlds.

Italian inspired, the flavours here are fresh and delicious. Beautiful seafood graces the menu paired with zesty grapefruit, succulent figs, apples or even freeze-dried raspberries all delighting your tastebuds. Oysters are a must-have if you visit here, and succulent prawns and scallops are delicious way to start your meal. And of course, pork belly, lamb and wagyu beef ensure that the meat eaters among us have an unforgettable meal too. When it comes to wine, the menu here is extensive, if not a little intimidating. With pages upon pages of options, choices from Italy broken down by region, but also some beautiful wines from Australia and Greece too you could be forgiven for being overwhelmed. But with just a couple of questions about when you like, the sommelier here will sort you out and you will soon be swilling and swirling with the best of them.

For dessert, the Italian influence is clearly present, with a solid array of homemade sorbets and other sweet delights that you will want to make sure you leave room for. Or for those with less of a sweet tooth then there is the cheese board. Paired with a crisp dessert wine straight from Italy as you admire Sydney’s spectacular harbour…this could perhaps be the best way to finish a meal here in Sydney.