Eastern Suburbs

The Eastern Suburbs is my ‘hood. I have lived in this area for many years now and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

There is so much to see and do around this locality, including great beaches, excellent cafes and restaurants, a thriving nightlife scene, some wonderful art galleries and museums, and one of the most famous city parks in the world. If you come to Sydney and don’t visit the Eastern Suburbs I will be personally offended!

If you do decide to check the area out though, I highly recommend to go to the following places.


When you visit Sydney, leave a space near the top of your ‘To-Do’ list for Paddington. One of the trendiest areas in the city, this is where I go when I want to feel cultured and cool!

‘Paddo’ as us Sydneysiders call it, is quite a sophisticated place. Not only does it have a number of fantastic art galleries and museums, it also has some very upscale restaurants, bistros and boutique shops too.

I am a big fan of beautiful architecture, and a lot of these establishments are contained within stunning, heritage listed, Victorian terraced buildings, especially along Oxford Street and Five Ways.

Paddington is also known as a fashion epicenter. So irrespective of when you visit, you will see some of the hippest dressed people in town.


This is where I live! My home town is a vibrant, funky and cosmopolitan area. It is a very multicultural region too, with a strong LGBT presence. What I love about living here is that everybody embraces this diversity wholeheartedly.

Darlinghurst is a place that is geared around entertainment. There are lots of exceptional cafes and restaurants serving all manner of delicious international cuisines, as well as loads of fantastic pubs and cocktails bars.

If you like to boogie, the nightclub scene here is very lively, while there is also terrific theatres, live music venues and art galleries too. Maybe I am a little biased, but there is no better place to let your hair down in Sydney then here.

Centennial Park

I love to coming to Centennial Park and while it is always busy  – some 30 million visitors come here every year – I can always find a bit of peace and relaxation.

One of the world’s leading public parklands, Centennial Parklands is often known as ‘the lungs of the city’.

As well as the beautiful flowers and trees that you would expect, this park also offers a number of other attractions. Some of which include the Ian Potters Children’s Wild Play Garden and a really cool labyrinth.

You can also go bird watching here and ride horses, bikes or rollerblades too. There is also playgrounds for the kids and plenty of bbq areas, as well as spots to picnic with a view.

Bondi Beach

Thanks to the TV series Bondi Rescue, Bondi Beach is now one of the most famous beaches in the world.

The closest beach to the city centre (about 8km away), and probably the beach that most defines Australian beach culture, I often come here before or after being in the office, as I find it helps me process my working day.

Bondi’s iconic 1km sweep of stunning white sand and aquamarine water never fails to lift my spirits. I like to surf the sandbar breaks that reside at either end of the beach, and every now and then I love to head to the Bondi Icebergs Club (or the Bondi Baths as they are also known), for a swim in its wonderful outdoor saltwater pool. If you ever get a chance to do this, please do!

Bronte Beach

About 2km south of Bondi lies Bronte Beach. It is a smaller beach and much less populated one (though still quite busy).

This is another beach I often go to before or after work, for its great surf, excellent food and coffee, and general laid back vibe.

There is another awesome ocean pool here you can swim in – a 30 metre facility located at the southern end of the beach. Every now and then, when I am up early enough, I also get to witness some amazing sunrises here too.

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